New Immigration Rules to Simplify the Path for Tech Talents in Germany

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Learn about new immigration rules that are set to make it easier for tech talents to seize opportunities in Germany.

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Recent studies reveal that the tech talent gap in Germany is projected to widen even further. From an estimated 700,000 open positions in 2023, it is anticipated to grow to a staggering 780,000 by 2026. These projections have set the stage for significant changes that are planned to be introduced in Germany’s immigration rules.

Working in Germany offers tech talents a multitude of advantages. The country’s strong tech ecosystem, characterized by industry leaders like Volkswagen and innovative startups, provides ample opportunities for professional growth and exposure to cutting-edge projects. In this blog, we’ll explore two key updates that are set to make it easier for tech talents to seize opportunities in Germany.


Degrees No Longer Planned as a Barrier

Germany’s upcoming immigration rules will favor tech talents based on their practical expertise rather than formal education. Traditionally, obtaining an EU Blue Card in Germany required a university degree. However, the new rules are planned to eliminate this educational requirement. If you’re an IT specialist with at least three years of comparable professional experience, you will be able to qualify for an EU Blue Card without the need for a degree.


Lower Planned Salary Threshold

In addition to these changes, Germany recognizes the pressing need for skilled professionals in specific sectors, particularly in tech. To encourage top talent like you to contribute to the country’s growth, they are planning to take a significant step by lowering the salary threshold for these high-demand fields. As of 2023, the planned salary threshold will stand at €39,682.80, which equals 45.3% of the annual assessment ceiling.

More Information: The new Skilled Immigration Act (FEG).

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