To connect the world's top tech talent
with exciting career opportunities within
the Volkswagen Group companies.

We are Futurepath, the tech-recruiting company for the Volkswagen Group.

As a joint venture of CARIAD (a Volkswagen Group company), we are revolutionizing tech recruiting and contributing toward a software-driven automotive industry. With our tech know-how and our cutting-edge candidate vetting technology, we’ve got the perfect tech talent to rev up tech expertise across all the Volkswagen Group brands.

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In the Beginning...

Berlin, 2020 – Futurepath is founded as a joint venture by Expertlead & CARIADPhil Friess (Expertlead) & Oliver Colin (CARIAD) are named managing directors of the venture, tasked with building a company to help drive a software transformation across the Volkswagen Group brands. In 2023, Expertlead was acquired by WorkGenius, and now we operate as a joint venture by WorkGenius & CARIAD.

Meet Our Futurians

Discover the tech experts, innovators, and change-makers who are the driving force behind our recruiting solutions and leading the charge towards a brighter and more software-driven tomorrow for the Volkswagen Group brands.

Phil Friess

Managing Director

Oliver Colin

Managing Director

Anna Setzer

Senior Operations Manager

Aura Palma Zapata

junior talent acquisition Manager

Barsha Faujdar

junior talent acquisition Manager

Briana haywood

talent acquisition Manager

Claudia Wedekind

Junior Finance Manager

Cristine Biskamp

junior talent acquisition Manager

Ekaterina Nikiforova

talent acquisition Manager

Eoin Gaynard

Team lead talent acquisition

Hai Truong

Junior Business Analyst

Harini Swaminathan

Team lead talent acquisition

Hakan sindiran

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Jess Zimmermann

Team Lead People & Marketing

Jiranan Eamwaranan

Recruitment Operations Manager

Jonas Scholz

Finance working student

Julian Schempp


Katja Meyer

Chief of Staff

Linh tran

talent acquisition Manager

Maryum Azhar

junior Talent Acquisition Manager

Milica Novakovic

People & Culture Manager

Morgane Klein

Team Lead Finance

Naana Antwi

talent acquisition Manager

Nataliia Reznichenko

senior Talent acquisition manager

Patrick Schneider

Business Development Manager

Stephanie Biskamp

Senior talent acquisition Manager

Swati Kiran

Senior talent acquisition Manager

Theresia Ackermann

talent acquisition Manager

Ulrike Platz

Team Lead Recruiting Operations

Valeriia Homeniuk

Marketing Working Student

Vera Hartmann

Senior Marketing Manager

Dr. Martin Hofmann

Head of HR Digitalization, Consulting Center & Recruiting | Volkswagen AG


Chief People Officer | CARIAD SE

Andrea Morgan-Schönwetter

Andrea Morgan-Schönwetter

Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding | CARIAD SE

Alexander Schlomberg

Alexander Schlomberg

Co-Founder | Expertlead

Arne Hosemann

Arne Hosemann​

Co-Founder | Expertlead

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