Futurepath Summer Summit 2022

Futurepath Summer Summit 2022
Here are the highlights from the Summer Summit 2022.

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We are the tech recruitment company of the Volkswagen Group built to contribute to a software-driven transformation across all Volkswagen Group brands. The most objective, transparent, and attractive candidate experience is what we provide to our community to find the best fit for their expertise and talent. We achieve that by combining our core strengths: deep tech know-how and market insights, extensive in-house client knowledge, a peer-to-peer recruiting process, the power of a global corporation, and the agility of a startup. 

As we continue to grow bigger and have more people join us in this amazing recruitment journey of automotive transformation, we agreed to revisit our company values, and what they stand for, and make sure every employee resonates with them. Establishing clear values is key for any organization regardless of its size. It is even more important to collaborate while establishing them. This led us to organize our company’s values workshop followed by our annual summer party last week together with our partners and neighbors, expertlead. 

Here are the highlights from the Summer Summit 2022: 

‘Company Values’ Workshop

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We started our day at our Berlin office with our values workshop – a rather imperative event. It was based on the overarching themes of our current company values. Every successful workshop starts with a good warmup, and that’s how we began this session. Our Marketing and People & Culture teams put together a couple of warmup activities like ‘speed-dating’ for the teams to open up. As a company-wide event, each employee from all the departments participated and we learned a lot about each other through these activities. 

Speak your mind

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Separated as individuals but united as teams, we then collected data on values that our employees resonate with. During the workshop, the employees had the opportunity to discuss the values in smaller groups and to ask themselves how the respective value is already lived in the company and where we can still improve. Effective communication always makes the workplace better. It was interesting to witness diverse thoughts weaved into a single value by each team. This brought together the best ideas from everyone while also identifying hindrances and problem statements that we have faced. We, of course, asked each team to explain and reason their values and present to the company what descriptions and meanings they came up with.

We are currently in the process of fine-tuning the values and soon you will see them come to life on our website. 

Team lunch and the evening that followed

As a remote-first company, we are used to working in online meetings and bonding over online activities. Gathering together for some good quality in-person bonding and luncheon was just how we planned to start our summer party.

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What lay ahead of us was a beautiful evening filled with games, food, drinks and a social gathering. A very crucial aspect of this summit was promoting team building so everyone participated in a lot of different activities and games, such as Jenga, table games like Tischkicker (German Foosball), and paddle-boating.  

The beautiful gathering came to an end with everyone coming to the dance floor and enjoying the starlit evening. We thank everyone who participated and joined us during our Summer Summit 2022; we had a lot of insights on how to progress further and improve our work further. We look forward to meeting everyone again for our next event.

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